Why we travel the world?

Why we travel the world?

Motivation 1. The importance of Health


Post-surgery ⓒRalaTravel

First reason comes from the thought after got the surgery. Last November, Clara had a thyroid cancer surgery, which shocked us since we’ve been always thinking that we are pretty healthy. Even seriously, considering about life and death. Losing health while working for not that greatness seems not worthy enough. I mean, we feel that health is most important thing in our life.

Thanksfully, the surgery successfully had done, and the only thing we should be doing is managing our body well to get recovered, so that Clara not only can overcome the aftereffects, but also be doing with limitless physical activities, protecting evolving of remaining tumors, and stabilizing blood circulation with hormone productions. Yes, it’s pretty complicated disease. If we miss this period doing too much things at once with body or even doing nothing, it will be much harder coming back to the healthy one.

Motivation 2. The importance of Being Together


In the ward ⓒRalaTravel

And the second reason is that we’ve synced-up that it’s important being together at the same time with the same place. Yeah, we are married couple, so physically we are living in the same room, but too busy to share a time together. Even we could have more time in the ward after surgery, we thought that it was so precious time being together even with no word, which lets us lead to have more time in the same place. I think the best way to be together is the ‘travel’, and all agreed.


Motivation 3. Transforming our life to Joy with Love


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Third, we want to be transforming our life to the joy with love. Dr. Park, Cheong Soo at Gangnam Severance Hospital who made Clara’s surgery told us that the best way winning cancer is to ‘live without anger, get inspired, and be joyful. There should be some exercise or training even in love – love and be loved, and make expressions of love. Yeah, maybe it would be possible doing all this in our normal life, though, we are not familiar in this kind of way, we hope that we learn new way of life through this unusual life.

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Barnabas Kim

Barnabas Kim

Barnabas earned BE, MS degree in computer science, and has been working as a software engineer for around 12 years in pretty various fields. Now he is planning to make money from freelance software development while traveling.