Inside the name of our website, ‘RalaTravel‘, the attitude and our heart is contained on this long tour. In Korea, people say ‘Rala(랄라 in Korean)‘ with humming when they are pretty getting excited. Likewise, hope our travel could be very exciting and energetic saying ‘Rala Travel‘!


The Official Logo ⓒRalaTravel

The brand ‘Rala‘ established by Clara with ‘RalaClara‘, ‘RalaShop‘ since 2012, So we want to be having a branch of this brand, “RalaTravel“, under her guidance, of course 🙂 Not trouble, but Travel!

For your information, the offline store ‘RalaShop‘ is no longer exist today, nor with the website, but only the photos we have as below 🙁

RalaShop – offline shop (closed) ⓒRalaTravel

But we still have an online store RalaClara (http://ralaclara.com) . Sorry it’s written in Korean now but soon we are planning to have a store at Esty.com. Please keep your eyes on us 🙂

RalaClara Online Shop ⓒRalaTravel

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Barnabas Kim

Barnabas Kim

Barnabas earned BE, MS degree in computer science, and has been working as a software engineer for around 12 years in pretty various fields. Now he is planning to make money from freelance software development while traveling.